Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lovely weather...

I do wonder why the weather could not be this warm on Saturday! Today was gorgeous weather, ideal for a trip to Harewood House. Saturday however, was very windy and cold! The Pannier Market was blown away! The wind meant chasing things around, holding onto things and generally panicking over random gusts of wind and showers! Putting this aside the fair was a huge success proving busier than last time in terms of interest and sales.

I had some help from lovely friends and got chatting to some lovely crafters! sadly that's the last Pannier market for this year. I have a fair this Saturday at 'Angels Share', a bar in Chapel Allerton as part of their self titled 'Arts Festival'. There will be music, food, drink and more and the fair is from 12-5 - hope to see you there!

In other news, I took myself off to Harewood House today for a meeting. The weather was great and the meet went well. The gift shop will be selling a small range of my crafts (including owls, cupcakes, dogs and more) from october. This may lead to more exciting products as well. The location is gorgeous, scenery picturesque and the pretty birds were a treat.

All in all lots going on!

A few snaps from Harewood!

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