Thursday, 8 September 2011


While I've been busy working, stripping wallpaper, printing, painting walls, cleaning, screaming at the sight of massive spiders and lots of other things, I've come across a lovely website I thought worth sharing. I found the link on the lovely and very useful Print & Pattern Blog, which I follow nearly everyday.

Ferm Living are a Danish company who produce a range of interior products from wallpaper and wall stickers, to shelves and candle holders. Taking a look at their shop and blog made me very excited and wish that i could afford there lovely things. Their graphic twist on design creates wonderful tools for a chic and modern lifestyle. My favourite piece is the house shaped wall shelf which looks fabulous teamed with the house print wallpaper! Definately my cuppa tea!

In other news, my range at the Bowery in Headingley is selling well, and new items are being introduced, my flat is coming alone nicely and one of my oldest and loveliest friends has had a beautiful baby boy! I created a lovely print to go in his nursery and bought lot of other cute things for baby Noah.

Here's a sneaky look at it and two t shirts I made for myself!


  1. Amazing Jil - hope your new home is feeling snug and warm. How do you line up all your colours on fabric whilst printing - i am ok on paper but fabric gives me a nightmare! x

  2. Hi Debbie, thanks very much. I don't screen print, so lining up is different and all done by hand! x