Thursday, 5 April 2012


What a lovely March we had with the unexpected and uncharacteristic warm weather! Now we're in April and we had snow here in Leeds yesterday! Last weeks I was wearing summer clothes, this week saw my scarfe and gloves make a come back. British weather at it's best??!
Anyway, I am sad to say that due to work commitments, I can't make this Saturday's Reet Sweet easter shopping fair, well not as a seller. I will call down and have a gander on my lunch break however and see what gooodies are on sale. Please do take a look if you are around and free. The blog and website explain it all! The best thing about Reet Sweet and my friends who run it is that they create a wonderful selection of stallholders, carefully chosen to ensure there is enough variety and handmade goodness for everyone. Below are a few photos of what to expect this week. So, take a stroll away from the high street and into the delightful Corn Exchange which does itself bost architectural beauty and character.
Badges by Sarah Fordham aka 'Magasin'
Amazing stuff by fellow Leeds crafters 'Foxbunting'
Julibee jewellrey by Rowan at Kitschen Sink
Don't forget to keep checking up on me and add me as jilmadethis on facebook too. I will be back in May with the wonderful Amy Panda of Handmade who is putting on an event on the 12th. Take a look at the Handmade Leeds blog for updates!